Pre-admission Companionship

Winage™ Caregivers are made available to families where hospitalization is needed for the elderly diagnosed with specific medical conditions.

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Hospital Care

Elderly patients admitted to hospital for treatment with specific medical conditions require round-the-clock attention.

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Out of Hospital Care

Elderly patients are often discharged from hospital soon after the required procedures are completed / performed on them.

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Long Term Home Care for the Elderly

Protocol-based training and service delivery adopted by Winage™ Caregivers becomes an inseparable component of the household where the elderly person requires assisted daily living.

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Winage™ Care Centres

As part of it’s outreach program, the company works with gated communities, mostly in urban centres, to offer centralized care facilities to elderly citizens.

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Medicines,Medical Equipment & other Consumables

Winage™ field supervisors act as the aggregators of medical and other consumables requirements for the patients.

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Short Term Home Care for the Elderly

Nuclear families that require support to take care of the senior citizens in their house can rely on the Winage™ Caregivers who provide short and medium-term care.

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Supply / Lease of Medical Equipment:

Winage™ organizes supply or lease of medical equipment required in the care of elderly people.

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About Us

“Winage™ “ is the brand owned by Grandage Services Pvt. Ltd., a company focusing on elderly and geriatric care. Grandage Services is present in several locations in India offering elderly care at hospitals and homes.

Old age is a phase in life and often not any medical condition. However, with age, people encounter several limiting factors – both physical and psychological. In many cases, such situations can be overcome only with assistance. Winage™ recognizes this fact and has embarked upon the mission of raising a cadre of Certified Care Givers to address this growing challenge. Grandage Services, the owners of the trademark Winage™ continuously works with gerontologists, medical practitioners, psychologists and spiritual thought leaders in evolving a dynamic platform that addresses the multi-dimensional challenge, generally termed as Old age.



Grandage Services Pvt. Ltd. (GSPL) is committed to create a better environment for the growing number of elderly people in the World through Assisted Daily Living and thus make oldage more enjoyable


Grandage Services is to raise a sub-nursing cadre of Care Givers through standardised, protocol-based skills training in geriatric and elderly care and offer such trained workforce for improved living conditions of the Senior Citizens

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