Magic of Life

“Life is so boring”, one hears more often than not from people of varying sizes, shapes and age. It is probably the most mouthed phrase.

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No one contradicts it, comments on it or gives a second thought to it neither after making it, nor hearing it. It’s a given.

Yet, is it? No, not so as proven by example by a grand lady of 99 then, V Subhadra Warasyar.

This lady the aunt of a close friend had come to Delhi with her brother, all of 84 years on a flight from Kerala. During the visit the brother had fallen ill and was not in the best of moods.

Such was her presence that the brother was up and about and back to his normal self in days.

She on her part could walk with difficulty, could not sit for long periods of time, was hard of hearing. BUT her face was radiant, her demeanour cheerful. She liked people and loved to interact.

When we visited, which was late evening, she had finished her dinner and retired to her room. As she did not come out to see us we thought we will quickly say hello to her in her room. But she didn’t want it.

After a while she came out supported by family members. She was delighted in getting visitors, irrespective of the time, told us it takes a bit longer to dress appropriately, so the delay. She could of course not have come out unless she was suitably dressed!

Our friend narrated an incident when the family was kept waiting for leaving for an important event as she could not find her wrist watch. My friend offered her watch instead, but that wouldn’t do. She was particular that her handbag and sandals also match her attire.

She sat with us for 15-20 minutes. Spoke about her flight, her home, Delhi experience. She was – in the early Sixties in Kerala when working women were a rarity – employed with the Department of Agriculture. She also displayed her rare character by choosing to marry late. And when she did so, once again it caused ripples as it was to a person of her choice, from a different caste and one who was younger to her in age.

She had made her choices and stood by them, opting to become an outcast for 50 years before returning to her ancestral home after her husband’s death.

At 100 plus, the lady defined and lived her life on her terms, till July 24, 2020. She is no more. She lives in our memories reminding us how to love and live life.

Life is never boring. It’s what you make of it.
Salutations to the bold and beautiful Subhadra Warasyar!!

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