Rokshana’s Surprise

Though Rokshana had never been a front-bencher, nobody doubted her intelligence and ability to grasp things quickly. After her 12th grade examination, all she wanted to do was to start working and earning for herself.
“I will work and I will earn,” there was determination in her voice when she confided her plans in her mother. What she actually wanted to do was to be trained has a beautician. However, she quickly realized that to become an independent beautician, it could cost good amount of money to be invested upfront to set up a parlour and other allied expenses.
She was introduced to the Geriatric Care Course, by chance. Though completely uninitiated, Rokshana joined the course and completed the training under Winage™ in Delhi. Initial wonder in learning about anatomy and pathology slowly gave way to curiosity and interest in practising the lessons that were taught. Internship in a hospital was tough as they had to work in several departments and wards for gaining hands-on experience. And this had resulted in the dropping out of a few students. But Rokshana carried on and completed the training with high grade.
Winage™ assigned her to Prof. Bahl. Though wheelchair-bound and part paralysed, Prof. Bahl was a bundle of energy. She had the ability to transfer mirth and laughter to the people around her. She retired from the Department of Chinese Studies from a large University. Between Rokshana and Prof. Bahl developed a special relationship of care and affection.
Though Rokshana kept vouching to Winage™ supervisors that she enjoyed the work, the real surprise was yet to come. One day, after work, she called her mother aside and started ‘making strange sounds,” as it was put to the company!
“Ammi, I am speaking in Chinese. Mrs. Bahl had been teaching me Chinese in her spare time!” Mrs. Bahl would testify the same later saying it was a productive engagement for her.

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