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Winage helps its clients in getting products and services at rates which are better than the open market prices through its network of stakeholders

Pre-admission Companionship:

Winage™ Caregivers are made available to families where hospitalization is needed for the elderly diagnosed with specific medical conditions. Our caregivers function as companions and provide by-stander support where close family is unavailable due to any reasons. The caregivers are familiar with the patient’s daily routine and provide support to them during the hospitalization period.

Hospital Care:

Elderly patients admitted to hospital for treatment with specific medical conditions require round-the-clock attention.   Winage™ Caregivers are trained in handling hospital situations and manage them well by closely associating with the Nursing Staff and Doctors, on a need-based manner, to ensure better care for the patient.

Out of Hospital Care:

Elderly patients are often discharged from hospital soon after the required procedures are completed / performed on them.  Doctors advise prolonged convalescence at home under a regulated environment. The Winage™ Caregiver is trained in Home Health Aide skills and are the right choice for such situations and help the patient recover faster.



Long Term Home Care for the Elderly:

Protocol-based training and service delivery adopted by Winage™ Caregivers becomes an inseparable component of the household where the elderly person requires assisted daily living. <Read More> The caregivers provide support to the elderly person in their daily duties ranging from medication and hygiene to psycho-social and emotional support that enhances rejuvenation and cure.



Short & Medium Term Home Care for the Elderly:

Nuclear families that require support to take care of the senior citizens in their house can rely on the Winage™ Caregivers who provide short and medium-term care. The caregivers provide the whole range of support services that can be customized according to each family’s requirements.

Winage™ Care Centres:

As part of it’s outreach program, the company works with gated communities, mostly in urban centres, to offer centralized care facilities to elderly citizens.   Respecting the fact that there is a considerable number of elderly people who live alone, Winage™ offers care to those who are in need.



Supply and Lease of Medical Equipment:

      • Winage™ supervisors act as the aggregators of medical supplies and consumables required by the customer as part of their medical prescriptions.   It is our continuous endeavor to provide these supplies at better-than-market rates. This service is provided only to Winage™ customers availaing of our other services listed above.



Supply of Medicines and other Consumables:


  • Winage™ field supervisors act as the aggregators of medical and other consumables requirements for the patients. Often, the products are made available to the clients at better rates than the market rates.



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